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OB/GYN Clinic

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pregnantCongratulations and welcome to General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital and the OB/GYN practice!

It is such an exciting and wonderful time to be pregnant!

We at GLWACH are honored that you have chosen us to be your healthcare providers during this most special time.

There is nothing more precious than a newborn baby and preparing for that newborn should be just as enjoyable and rewarding.

One of life's greatest miracles is giving birth and we will do everything in our power to ensure that it will also be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Whether it's your first or fourth, being pregnant can be one of the most wondrous and magical adventures that you can ever experience.

You will most likely feel love, patience and other emotions that bubble up within you. You may likely feel excited about this new life, concerned with the timing, overwhelmed with joy, fearful and worried, or energized and exhausted…all on the same day!

The professionals who work here at GLWACH want only the best for your family. We look forward to working with you and your family and are committed to providing you with the best care we can.

Our practice strives to form a partnership to keep you as healthy as possible. We hope you'll take responsibility for working toward the healthy lifestyle that is so important to your well-being and as well as that of your baby.

It will give us great pleasure to work with you on these goals, either through our own expertise, through reading we may give you, or by referral to other health professionals.

As you read these words, your body is already going through remarkable changes, and baby’s development is well under-way! We have included needed documents for OB registration.

Completion of these documents will expedite your initial visit to our service.

Most of all, take the time to enjoy every moment of this amazing journey!

Your baby’s birth day may seem so far away, but in just a few months you'll be bringing your baby home for the very first time.