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Patients are required to show their military ID cards to verify eligibility for care and to ensure that medications are dispensed to the correct patient. Another person can act as your agent to drop off or pick up prescriptions. They must have your ID card to transact your business.

Prescribing and Dispensing of Medications

The outpatient pharmacy will process all valid prescriptions* provided the medication is on our formulary.
*most prescriptions are valid for 1 year from the date written by the prescriber. Most controlled medications are valid up to 6 months from the date written. Other exceptions may apply.

Generic Substitution

This facility follows a policy of generic equivalent substitution. Prescriptions written for trade name drugs will be filled with either that trade name or a generic equivalent.

Non-Controlled Medication

Prescriptions may be written for a maximum 90 day supply with three refills. A prescription written for a 60 day supply and five refills or a 30 day supply and eleven refills is also acceptable.

Controlled Substance Medications

Schedule II controlled substances can be filled for a maximum of 30 days and no refills. Stimulants for attention deficit disorder may be filled for a three month supply but prescription must state the diagnosis.

Schedule III-V controlled substances; some prescription may have refills. Call Pharmacy for more information.

Civilian Prescriptions

Civilian prescriptions, for authorized personnel, are honored at the PX pharmacy subject to the following conditions.

  • Availability of the medication requested or a suitable generic substitute providing substitution is authorized by the prescriber. Because we carry many generic medications please ensure your doctor signs the prescription at the lower left which states "Substitution Permitted" if he feels generics are suitable for you.
  • Quantities dispensed cannot exceed GLWACH’s dispensing policy or the quantity prescribed by the civilian physician, whichever is less.
  • Prescriptions by outside providers are subject to the same limitations that govern our in-house medical staff. These limitations are established by the P&T committee and approved by the Commander.
  • Your civilian prescription must have the physician’s name, official address, phone number and DEA number.  

Pharmacy Services
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