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GLWACH Guest and Healthcare Relations


We provide information and guidance and help you understand your TRICARE benefits and navigate through the Army Medicine System for Health.
Much of our duties involve patient enrollment, Primary Care Manager changes, referrals/authorizations, and bills/claims questions.

Reminder: Walk-in TRICARE Service Centers no longer exist so please feel free to allow us to assist you with any comments, concerns, or suggestions you may have.

Please check this newsletter for the recent updates and changes to the healthcare benefits available to you here at GLWACH.

As Contact Representatives, every patient, family member, physician, visitor, and co-worker here is our customer so feel free to stop by and talk with us. We’re here to help you with anything you need.

Please fill out the Army Provider Level Satisfaction Surveys (APLSS Surveys) that you receive one in the mail.

Positive APLSS Survey comments result in millions of additional annual funding dollars used to purchase new technology and increase quality and access to care here.

You may also receive a short survey in the mail or over the phone if you’ve been an in-patient here.

An in-patient survey can provide GLWACH with nearly 10 times as much funding as an APLSS survey, so please take a few minutes to complete this survey from the civilian or military treatment facility that provided your in-patient care.

All of this additional funding is used to increase the services and capabilities GLWACH is able to provide patients here.

All ICE Comment Cards come through our office and we make sure that the correct Subject Matter Experts and Leaders here receive them to ensure the most efficient possible response time.

Mission Statement:

Promote “World Class” customer service, continuously improve the GLWACH “patient experience” and educate those entrusted to our care on maximizing the TRICARE benefit and navigating the Army Medicine System for Health.


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