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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do I contact to request my medical record?

A: Contact Release of Information at 573-596-0498

Q: Should you visit your primary care provider, the acute care clinic or the emergency room?

A: When you are ill, your inclination may be to visit your emergency room for care. Unfortunately, your emergency room is not actually designed for everyday illnesses. Instead, an emergency room is exactly what the name implies – a place to go to seek medical treatment in the event of an emergency.

Q: What is an emergency? 

A: Your idea of an emergency may not be the same as the medical professionals’ idea of an emergency. The emergency room is for the treatment of life-threatening or very serious conditions that require immediate medical attention. Do not ignore an emergency. If a situation seems life threatening, take action. Call 911 right away. If you are unsure, stop and think to yourself can the condition that you are experiencing be treated by your primary care provider, in their office? If so, this is probably the better option unless you feel that your life is threatened by the condition.

Q:  What are some of the types of conditions or issues where it might be better if I make an appointment and visit my clinic instead of the emergency room?

A: Routine Checkups, Active Duty Profiles, Medication Renewals, Immunizations, Common Infections (like strep throat), Skin Irritations (like a rash), Tick Bites, Flu Shot, Pregnancy Test, Ear Ache, Strain, Sprain, Coughs & Colds, Back Pain, Flu-like Symptoms, Mild Asthma, Nausea & Vomiting, Urinary Tract Infections, & Respiratory Issues (except for shortness of breath).

Q: What happens if my problem is more extensive than GLWACH can handle?

A: Should you or your family member need to be transported to a trauma center or other higher level of care facility, our ambulance service is on-duty to serve you. Ambulances are located on-site and are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Because of the distance and extensive travel time from Fort Leonard Wood to major metropolitan areas where higher level of care facilities are located your provider may, based on your condition, decide to have you transported by helicopter.

Q: I have family visiting; can they use the ambulance and emergency room?

A: Our ambulances will always respond to any and all calls for assistance on post. If deemed stable, civilians will typically be transported directly from the scene to hospitals in Rolla or Lebanon. Civilian patients that are unstable will be seen at the emergency room on post to be stabilized and then transferred later to a civilian hospital for further care. Keep in mind, your Tricare WILL NOT cover extended family. If your visitors are sick (not an emergency) and you are trying to find them a doctor and they are a civilian they are not eligible for care at the base hospital. You will need to take them to a civilian clinic, doctor’s office or hospital.


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Appointments 866-299-4234
TRICARE Info 877-988-9378
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Emergency Dept (non-emergency) 573-596-0456
General Info 596-0035/1787
Pharm. Refill 573-596-0128
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Contact Representatives 573-596-0418 From on-post: 67414
Med.Recruiting 573-596-0362
Victory Clinic 573-596-1760
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Suicide Prev. 800-273-8255