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Patient Administration (PAD)

  • Outpatient Medical Records
    • Phone: (573) 596-0034
  • Active Duty Records
    • Phone: (573) 596-0507
  • Consolidated Troop Medical Clinic Records Room
    • Phone: (573) 596-0427
  • Patient Affairs/Birth and Decedent Affairs
    • Phone: (573) 596-9940
  • Admission and Dispositions
    • Phone: (573) 596-0033

  • Release of Medical Information
    • Phone: (573) 596-0498
    • FAX: (573)329-0888

To request a copy of your recent Medical Records please complete a DD Form 2870. Pay special attention to blocks 6 a, b, and c, then print/ fax it to 573-329-0888.

DO NOT INCLUDE Protected Health Information, date of birth or social security number. Please provide an email or phone number where you can be contacted in block 6c.

If your civilian network provider needs your patient records, get a records release form from your provider and fax it to 573-329-0888.

We have some records in our electronic system here at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital but we do not have your hardcopy health record if you're a veteran or retired. In this case, contact the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Mo, at National Personnel Records Center, 1 Archives Drive, St. Louis, MO 63138, phone: 314-801-0800, website:

If you have filed a VA claim your records may be at the Veterans Affairs Records Management Center, P.O. Box 5020, St. Louis, MO 63115, phone: 888-533-4558, website:

For more information about requesting your military service records, or requesting them online, or checking the status of a request, visit

PAD Mission:

  • Provide patient administration support for General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital and the Ozark Family-Centered Medical Home.

  • Perform admission and disposition functions, medical record management, birth and decedent affairs and workload statistics.


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