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Audiology Clinic

LOCATION:  Main hospital entrance, First Floor, Audiology/Optometry, Room 142-27

HOURS OF OPERATION:  0730-1630 Monday through Friday; closed for hospital training on the first Thursday afternoon of each month.

PHONE:   573-596-9300  FAX:  573-596-0716

SERVICES, HEARING AIDS:   Available by appointment only. 

·   Comprehensive hearing evaluations for Active Duty Service Members, Family Members, Retirees and Dependents of Retirees.  Hearing Screenings in order to update MEDPROS are NOT provided in this clinic.  See Army Hearing Program Services below.

·   Tinnitus evaluation and treatment.

·   Hearing aids, hearing aid services, and medically necessary supplies for Active Duty Service Members.  Call the clinic if you are a Service Member requesting supplies. Bring hearing aids to all appointments.

·   Retirees At Cost Hearing Aid Program (RACHAP) – Participation in RACHAP is based on available resources and personnel. At GLWACH, RACHAP is available to Military Retirees who reside within 75 miles of the hospital. Hearing aid services are not provided to dependents of Retirees. See Tricare website for additional details on hearing aid coverage at

·   Newborn Hearing Screening – Hearing screening and diagnostic evaluations for those babies who do not pass screenings.



LOCATION:  Hospital basement, Room 61-24 (across from Behavioral Health)

HOURS OF OPERATION:  Monday – Friday, 0730-1100 and 1230-1500

Clinic closed every third Thursday of the month from 1230-1600 for

mandatory division training.

PHONE:  573-596-9307

SERVICES:  Walk-in.  No appointment required.  Hearing screenings provided for Active Duty Service Members and designated Federal employees for purposes of updating MEDPROS (annual, pre-deployment, or post-deployment).





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